UCP Huntsville announces an evening event for the entire family.

UCP FairyTale Ball

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Justice Served! Firm successfully defends local business from $750,000.00 lawsuit

Last month, Jeremiah Hodges and Tim McFalls defended a local business who had been sued for $750,000.00 in damages. The case was tried for a week at the Madison County Courthouse. Ultimately, the jury returned a defense verdict on all claims made against the business. Additionally, the jury also awarded damages to the local business for the plaintiff’s tortious interference with the business’s contractual relationships. We appreciated the jury’s attentiveness to the case and were thrilled for the result for our clients.

An important lesson to be learned from this case is that sometimes it is better to spend a little money now on a lawyer to avoid spending more money later on a lawyer. The case centered around a contract that the business had chosen to draft for itself rather than hiring a lawyer to draft. While the contract was pretty well written for a layperson, there were some missing terms and ambiguities in the contract. These terms caused the business to incur legal expenses and spend time in litigation to prove the meaning of the terms and get full enforcement of the contract. If the business had hired a competent lawyer to draft the contract, it may have been able to avoid litigation and saved thousands of dollars in legal fees.  We see this not only in contracts but also in wills, bills of sale and other documents that are common for consumers to need.

It may seem expensive to hire a lawyer to prepare proper legal documents, it is much less expensive than hiring a lawyer having to litigate fix a poorly drafted legal document. Paying your lawyer to draft proper documents is an investment that will save you money in the future.

Firm competes in Hospice of Limestone County’s Annual Chili Cookoff

We were so excited to field a team in this year’s Chili Cookoff to raise money for Hospice of Limestone County.  This is the 30th year of the Chili Cookoff, which is the primary fundraiser for Hospice of Limestone County which is a non-profit organization.

The Hospice of Limestone County provides a compassionate, healing presence to terminally ill patients and their families in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. In addition to in-home care hospice teams also provides Bereavement Care and Grief Support Groups to anyone in the Limestone County area who is experiencing the pain of loss.  Amazingly, these services are provided without cost.

We are proud to support this important organization and the invaluable service they provide to the community.  Pictured are a few of our people with our entry into the competition “It’s Not An Accident, It’s Delicious” chili.

Boys and Girls Club members watch ‘Bama Win

Our firm was proud to donate tickets to the local Boys and Girls Club so that sixty-five (65) boys and girls could attend the Rocket City Classic featuring Alabama vs. Mercer and UAH vs. Shorter on December 19, 2017.  Jeremiah is pictured here with Patrick Wynn, President of the Boys and Girls Club and another representative of the organization. Mr. Wynn stated that “The boys and girls were very excited to attend the games at the VBCC.” Our firm is honored to have the chance to put smiles on little faces. Roll Tide and Go Chargers!

Will The New Tax Law Affect Your Divorce? – Part 2

          The recent tax law changes have been a constant in the news lately. While we may not know exactly how those changes will affect us, one change stands out that could have an impact on divorces filed after these changes take place.

             One new tax law wipes out the previous alimony deduction that has been in the tax code since 1942. The new law states, in effect, that spouses who pay alimony will not be able to take a deduction for those payments, while spouses receiving alimony will not have to claim the monies received as income. This could lead the spouse who would have to pay alimony to negotiate-or attempt to negotiate for a much lower payment since it will no longer be tax deductible. This could have a major effect on the spouse that receives alimony, as that spouse generally relies on those payments to maintain their standard of living. These negotiations could also have an effect on the length of the divorce process as well as the cost.

             These changes could also push couples that are on the brink of separating into a divorce to avoid having to be under the new tax law. Another aspect that could be affected by this new change are prenuptial agreements that would or already have a set amount of alimony laid out in the agreement.

             If you have divorce questions, or questions about how this new law could affect your current situation, contact Hodges Trial Lawyers.