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Our country’s laws are intended to protect the rights and liberties of citizens, resolve disputes, and uphold justice. At Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C., we work hard to give our clients the highest degree of professional legal counsel. More than that, we take great pride in building long-lasting relationships with each and every person we advise.

Many folks come to us when bad things happen, and we strive to resolve their legal issues in a compassionate and timely manner. Later on, clients often turn to us again when a different legal need arises. We are always honored for the opportunity to serve them.

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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

When a traumatic event happens, recovery is the number one goal. At Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C., we know that your experience cannot be undone. However, we truly believe we can make a big difference in assisting with the following:

  • Getting the money needed to pay for current and future medical bills
  • Recovering for lost wages and loss of future earning potential
  • Seeking just compensation for pain and suffering

While no settlement can undo a serious injury or bring back a loved one, demanding accountability sends a strong message that justice matters. It may also prevent others from suffering needlessly in the future.

Why Your Injury Lawyer Should Have Trial Experience

The first reason you want an attorney with trial experience is obvious—your case could actually go to trial. While research indicates that roughly 95% of personal injury claims are settled out of court, that still means roughly 1 of every 20 cases go to trial.

If yours is one of those, you don’t want an attorney who’s never left the negotiating table. The standard of proof is different in the courtroom than it is in negotiations, and you don’t want to be your lawyer’s litigation guinea pig. While an inexperienced lawyer will learn a lot from a trial, it will be at the expense of your case outcome.

You’ll Get a Stronger Case

If your attorney has trial in the back of his mind, that will definitely influence the type of work he does on your case. He will know that if you do have to go to court, trial attorneys don’t want to start from square one. This means doing more investigation of your wreck, getting relevant evidence of your injuries, interviewing witnesses, and proving what actually happened.

While the standard of proof is lower at the negotiating table, insurance companies respond differently when an attorney comes prepared for trial. The more evidence your attorney has, the harder it is for the insurance company to avoid a full and fair settlement. Coming to negotiations with a strong case can actually decrease the likelihood your case will go to court.

Experienced Trial Attorneys Have More Leverage

When you hire an attorney that has only settled cases out of court, he or she will want to stay out of the courtroom. He knows that they have a lot to lose if your case goes to court, and the insurance company knows that as well. This gives the insurance company the upper hand. When the insurance company knows your attorney will back down before it does, the insurance company feels emboldened to offer less. More than likely, your attorney will give up and encourage you to accept a low settlement offer just to avoid a trial.

Get the Time Your Case Deserves

How much time do you think your personal injury claim deserves? This is an injury that has changed your life and left you with trauma. It deserves more than a couple of pages in an attorney’s notebook. If you go with an attorney that has no trial experience, it’s unlikely your claim will get the attention it deserves.

When Accidents Happen, You Need Hodges Trial Lawyers On Your Side