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Anyone who has been hurt or lost a loved one should reach out to us as soon as possible for assistance with their case. Injuries may be minor, but those injuries could progress over time. There are times when the guilty party cannot be found, or the accident had no witnesses. We will research the case thoroughly, provide our clients with the best possible customer care, and recover all compensation that is deserved.

Car wrecks may involve several vehicles and circumstances that may be confusing or upsetting for drivers. Accidents that involve a single driver may have been caused by a construction crew, poor road conditions, or faulty parts. In these cases, someone who was not involved in the accident may have caused it. Poor road conditions may have caused faulty tires to skid, or heavy winds may have tipped over a car that was not designed properly.

Multi-Vehicle Car Wrecks

Multi-vehicle car accidents may be the result of a chain reaction. If one vehicle hits another in a rear end collision, the impact could propel the vehicle to collide with the car in front of them. It is also possible for one car to crash into another and force the second vehicle to collide with a car in another lane or into oncoming traffic. A car accident between two cars could create an obstacle that other drivers cannot avoid.

What Causes Car Wrecks?

Distracted driving: Distracted driving is an issue that everyone must face. Many drivers think that they can do almost anything behind the wheel and remain safe. Busy parents must deal with children who are in the back of the car, and overworked employees may feel the need to take calls and respond to emails while driving. Distracted driving, on average, can take someone’s eyes off the road for just a few seconds. In that span, a car can travel the length of a football field on the highway and the driver could miss other drivers stopped on surface streets, pedestrians crossing the road, and vital road signs.

Road rage: Road rage is extremely common because drivers have places to go, and many are impatient. Truck drivers are on a schedule, workers need to get to the office, and parents need to take their children to school. Drivers can easily become angered at other drivers who are in the way, and some people get on the road in an aggressive frame of mind.

If road rage is an issue, there needs to be an intervention. At the same time, drivers who tend to have road rage should consider how far these situations can escalate. Aggressive driving is involved in 66 percent of road accidents with 37 percent of these incidents involving a firearm. Drivers are putting themselves in danger if they bring their anger and rage to the road.

Poor driving conditions: Bad road conditions include the following:

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Bright sunlight
  • Construction sites
  • Poorly maintained roads

Reckless driving: Drivers who do not use turn signals put other vehicles in danger, and drivers who make sudden movements are difficult to avoid. If drivers missed an exit or turn, they should continue, change their route, or make a safe turn when possible.

Large trucks: Large trucks are difficult to stop as they cannot make an emergency stop like a regular car. Speeding: Speeding is a factor in over a quarter of all accidents, according to the National Safety Council. These accidents can be prevented when drivers simply choose to slow down. A high-speed accident is going to be worse than a slow-moving accident because the impact of the crash increases as the vehicles accelerate. Speeding also causes the following issues:

  • Decreased visibility
  • Decreased reaction time
  • Increased possibility of crashing in inclement weather
  • A higher rate of injury due to impact
  • A higher rate of wrongful death cases
  • A feeling of invincibility and an assumption that other cars will get out of the way

Drivers should mind the speed limit. Industrial, commercial, and residential areas should cause drivers to slow down. Drivers should also focus on the road so that they can slow down if construction zones, lane shifts, and hard bends appear. In this way, distracted driving and speeding work together to make crashes worse.

Alcohol and drug abuse: Approximately 500 to 2,000 driving under the influence (DUI) incidents go unnoticed for every person who is pulled over and arrested for DUI. This is a troubling statistic that shows there are many more intoxicated drivers on the road. A recent study found the following:

  • Of intoxicated adults, 56 percent do not use a ridesharing service
  • Nearly 30 percent of college-aged students believe they are able to drive even after having three or four drinks
  • Almost 50 percent of teenagers admitted to driving while drunk or buzzed
  • In 2018, there were 4.5 million car wreck injuries

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

When a car accident occurs, there is a simple set of steps that everyone should follow when they are faced with the aftermath of a crash. Although accidents can be terrifying, it is best for drivers to take a moment to calm down and handle the accident responsibly. Anyone who has been injured should ask for help with the following items:

  • Call 911 to ensure that the police and ambulance will arrive on the scene. Anyone involved in the accident must go to the hospital so any internal injuries can be ruled out.
  • The driver should call the insurance company to report the accident.
  • The involved vehicles should be moved out of the road, but other drivers should be assisted only if it is safe.
  • The police should be informed without the driver giving an extensive statement. The police report could be used to invalidate a driver’s claim. The driver should not apologize for the accident or explain the accident in great detail. However, it is important to record the officer’s name and badge number.
  • Search for eyewitnesses who can explain what happened.
  • Contact a Huntsville car wreck lawyer for assistance.

How Should Drivers Work with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident?

Drivers should report their accident as mentioned, but they should not speak to insurance companies on a recorded line. Insurance adjusters can ask confusing questions or try to make it look as if the accident was someone else’s fault.

All letters should be forwarded to our office. We will determine the best course of action to avoid problems that may arise. Insurance companies and guilty parties try to close these cases as quickly as possible, but they offer almost no compensation in return.

Our car wreck lawyers will ensure that drivers have a clear understanding of what should be done and how drivers can obtain the maximum level of compensation possible.

Which Damages can be Recovered After a Car Wreck?

Medical expenses: Medical expenses can be covered when the driver has sustained injuries during the accident. These medical expenses include future care. Although the accident may have caused serious injuries that could be treated at the hospital or in a doctor’s office, the victim may need treatment for a long period of time. A doctor can estimate the level of treatment that is needed, and their statement can be added to the lawsuit.

Lost wages: Someone who has missed work because of an accident has a right to obtain compensation due to lost wages. People who have missed work should be paid so that they can handle their expenses.

Lost earning potential: Someone who was hurt and cannot return to their previous line of work should be compensated for lost earning potential. A Huntsville car wreck lawyer can calculate the earning potential that will be used in the suit.

Disability: Someone who has been disabled must go through a long application process to secure benefits, and that process can be paid for with an award during a lawsuit.

Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering includes emotional turmoil and loss of companionship. This is a general category that can be used when that person’s standard of living or quality of life has been affected.

Punitive damages: Punitive damages are used as punishment to stop the guilty party from doing it again. Some juries or judges believe they can make an example of the guilty party by offering punitive damages to the injured party.

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