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Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Huntsville

Bicycling is a fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Unfortunately, it does come with its share of dangers. While bicyclists do have full rights to the road, much like drivers, a fair number of drivers don’t seem to agree with that. With drivers that tailgate bicyclists, ignore the bike lane completely, and swerve around bicyclists, it’s no surprise that there’s a substantial amount of bike accidents every single year.

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If you’re hit by a vehicle, follow these steps to protect yourself.

1. Remain at the Scene

Some bicyclists leave the scene immediately, embarrassed about getting injured and wanting to avoid making a spectacle. This basically lets the driver get away scot-free, as you now have no way of holding them accountable. It is important to stay at the scene until you have had a chance to talk to the police.

2. Check Yourself for Injuries and Report the Accident

Check yourself over briefly for injuries and call the police to report the collision. Tell them about any visible injuries so they can send appropriate help. Note that some drivers do try to dissuade cycling accident victims from calling the cops, insisting that they can handle it without getting insurance and cops involved. Report the accident anyway and cover your bases.

3. Get the Driver’s Contact and Insurance Information

Before leaving, make sure you have the driver’s contact information and the details of their insurance policy. If they do not want to give it or are aggressive toward you, ask the police on-site to help you.

4. Gather Evidence

The evidence of vehicle accidents is time sensitive. The debris and skid marks that are there immediately after the accident will likely be gone the next time you’re there. It’s important to gather evidence immediately after the crash so you can preserve it for your personal injury claim.

Take pictures of the scene, the vehicle that hit you, your injuries, and anything that identifies the street you’re on and the area you are in. If anyone stops to provide help at the scene, get their contact information so you can give it to your attorney.

5. Seek Medical Attention

Do not skip this step. Many cyclists, worried about the medical bills, avoid going to the doctor after an accident. They may rest and wait, only going in if they don’t seem to be getting better. Unfortunately, at that point, their injuries may have progressed, and they may have difficulty proving that their injuries are the result of the accident. Then they really are on the hook for all of their medical expenses.

By seeing a doctor right away, you can link any injuries to your accident. You can also start treatment for any major injuries, shortening your recovery timeline. Huntsville is home to facilities like Urgent Medcare and Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care, and Athens has places like Medical East Urgent Care and American Family Care.

6. Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

An attorney is your next stop. If the driver was at fault for your injuries, you shouldn’t be left covering all of the expenses related to your accident. An attorney can investigate your crash, learn more about your injuries, and figure out how much your accident is worth. From there, they can build a case highlighting your injuries and the other party’s role in causing them.

In many cases, a settlement is reached outside of court. If yours doesn’t settle, don’t worry. Our team of trial lawyers is experienced in this area, and we’re more than ready to fight for you in the courtroom.

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