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Failure to Restrain Dogs Can Lead to a Lawsuit

When you hear about an adult or child being attacked by a dog, your heart sinks for that person. The one person we tend not to think about is the owner of the dog. There have been 18 fatal dog attacks in the United States this year. Failure to restrain a dog can lead to you being sued for negligence. Dog owners in Huntsville must have their dog under effective restraints at all times. In a recent case in Georgia where a child was attacked by a neighbor’s dog, the jury awarded the child’s family $72 million.

According to the law, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the dog is restrained, so if the dog gets loose than the owner is liability for the actions of the dog. Adults and children being attacked by dogs is an unnecessary event. As dog owners, ensure the restraint of your dog regardless how friendly and sweet you think they are. The number of dog attacks is in the hands of the owners. Please restrain your animals.

Hodges settles Madison County case for policy limits

Jeremiah recently settled a motor vehicle case involving severe personal injury for the complete policy limits of the tortfeasor (the driver that was negligent and caused the wreck).  Jeremiah’s client suffered broken bones, lacerations, permanent scarring, and emotional distress.  The wreck occurred in Madison County.

Judge asks Alabama Supreme Court to review immunity question in Alabama Accountability Act lawsuit

A Montgomery judge has asked the Alabama Supreme Court to weigh in on the question of whether GOP lawmakers have legislative immunity from a new lawsuit challenging the Alabama Accountability Act filed by the AEA.  The Republican lawmakers in a court filing argued that they can’t be served with lawsuit papers while in session.

Hodges speaks on complications in settling personal injury lawsuits

Jeremiah was recently invited to lecture on the complications in settling personal injury cases at the 2012 Tort Law Update in Birmingham, Alabama.  This event was put on by CLE Alabama and the University of Alabama School of Law.  The event was held at the Grand Cahaba Conference Center and well attended.  Jeremiah will be lecturing on similar topics in Huntsville, Alabama on December 13, 2012 for the Huntsville Madison County Bar Association.


Suit Filed Against Deputy who Demanded CPR to Cease

In 2011, a Maryland Reverend was suffering cardiac arrest and died after he did not receive medical attention quickly enough. That is not to say it wasn’t offered, but after CPR was being administered, and the Rev. was responding well to it, a deputy arrived on the scene and ordered the CPR to stop until medical professionals arrived. Why the deputy denied what could have been life-saving treatment is unknown. In addition to wrongful death, the suit also alleges negligence by the sheriff’s office for hiring an employee that would stop CPR during cardiac arrest.