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Distracted driving causes car wreck in Athens, Alabama

Our firm was recently retained to represent a nice, hard working lady that was in a car accident on her way to her job. The driver that caused the wreck was driving while inTEXTicated.

Thanks to his distracted driving, our newest client suffered pain and injuries, missed time from her job, and lost a vehicle she was very proud to have for many years.

Don’t text and drive.

Jeremiah M. Hodges

Juris v. Inamed Corp.

Court: U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals  – Personal Injury Case – Product Liability – case summary on 7/6/12:

This case arose from a 1999 class action suit against the maker of silicone breast implants. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama approved a mandatory, limited fund class settlement which resolved tens of thousands of claims arising from injuries allegedly caused by defective implants manufactured by Inamed Corporation.  Read the summary.



Couch v. Red Roof Inns, Inc.

Court: Georgia Supreme Court – Personal Injury Case – case summary on 7/9/12:

The plaintiff in this case suffered a violent attack by unknown criminal assailants while staying in a hotel and subsequently brought suit against the owner of the hotel for failing to keep the premises safe.   Upon review, the Supreme Court found: (1) the jury is allowed to apportion damages among the property owner and the criminal assailant and (2) instructions or a special verdict form requiring such apportionment would not violate the plaintiff’s constitutional rights.

Read the entire opinion..

How to avoid hiring a sleazy lawyer

We believe that most lawyers are competent professionals.  We know, unfortunately, that some are not.  These tips will help you find the right lawyer for you.

  1. Trust your gut:  If the lawyer seems too slick or uncaring, he or she is probably not the lawyer for you.  Some lawyers simply are not competent and are not willing to do the work to develop and handle their cases.  This is not what you are looking for if you are dealing with a serious personal injury or significant legal matter.
  2. Avoid ambulance chasers: Did you know it’s perfectly legal for a lawyer in Alabama to send you a letter saying that they want to represent you, so long as they wait thirty (30) days after the accident.  Some lawyers order all the police reports in a county relative to car accidents, then send the victims a letter.  We recently had a client that received this type of letter from a lawyer all the way down in Mobile, Alabama.  These things are legal, but they are sleazy.  We don’t do these things.  If you hire one of these attorneys you very well may be hiring an ambulance chaser.  It’s not as bad as the lawyer that shows up at the hospital (yes this happens) or at your door (that too), but it’s still bad.  Be highly suspicious of a someone that contacts you.  Ask yourself, if this lawyer was as good as he says he is, would he have to resort to these sleazy tactics to get business?
  3. Do your homework:   Has the lawyer or the firm been peer reviewed?  Has he or she be recognized by industry groups for competence?  Is his or her best reference a fancy television commercial?  One place to check out a lawyer is  Lawyers have profiles, ratings (done by Avvo, not the lawyers), and a place for clients and other lawyers to endorse the lawyer in question.
  4. Get it in writing: It is very surprising at how many attorneys have cases with clients where they never enter in to a formal written agreement with them.  It’s bad for them and bad for the client.  If you hire a personal injury lawyer for a serious injury and they tell you verbally that they won’t ask you to reimburse expenses if they lose, get it in writing.  In Alabama, a contingency fee agreement MUST be in writing according to Alabama Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5.  If your criminal attorney says the case will be handled on a flat fee, get it in writing.  If a divorce lawyer says their hourly rate is $250 and you’ll get an itemized bill every month.  Get it in writing.
  5. Demand good customer service:      You deserve returned phone calls.  You deserve to be treated with respect.  If your gut (see Rule Number 1) tells you a lawyer does not care about you or your situation, perhaps that is not the lawyer for you.  If you do not get good service from your lawyer, maybe you should find a new lawyer.

Nothing can guarantee that you won’t hire a bad attorney (unless you hire our firm).  But if you follow these tips, you will avoid the sleazy ones.

Avoiding Heat Stroke!

As we approach summer in Alabama we urge you to be aware of the dangers from heat stroke and other heat related injuries. One of the best ways to avoid this type injury is to be aware of the signs. Please read this article to keep you and your family safe.

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