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Will My Work Travel Schedule Affect Custody?

January 2, 2020

Many parents occasionally travel for work. For married couples, juggling job and child commitments can be much easier. When one parent goes away, the other parent automatically steps in, so the child enjoys a sense of continuity. However, divorcing parents who travel regularly due to their professions need to consider how their lifestyle affects child custody.

All Travel is Not Equal

Parents should understand that minimal travel may not be problematic, even during a contentious divorce. For instance, if a working mother travels a few times a month, she and her divorcing partner should be able to work out a physical custody schedule that accommodates those minor changes.

On the other hand, a parent whose workplace could send them out of town on a moment’s notice is in a far different situation. Under those circumstances, equal parenting time may be virtually impossible, which means physical custody will likely lean toward the other parent.

Physical versus Legal Joint Custody

Parents who travel frequently should remember that while they may not be able to arrange joint physical custody time with their children, they can still share legal joint custody. Legal custody involves the right to make major choices related to children, such as those pertaining to their schooling or health care. At the same time, traveling parents may be able to carve out more time with their children during other times of the year, such as over winter or summer break.

Tips for Creating a Practical Joint Custody Arrangement

In a best-case scenario, parents who are getting a divorce would work with one another to devise a joint custody plan that works in the favor of the children. As an example, a parent may want to see the child Mondays and Wednesdays, in addition to every other weekend. Yet, shifting from one household to another during the school week may not be reasonable, easy, or practical for the young person.

In that situation, the better choice could be for the traveling parent to agree to physical custody every other weekend. If parents are unable to come to an agreement on custody decisions regarding their children, a court will step in to decide during a custody hearing.

Maintaining Consistency with Potential for Change

Child custody arrangements can and do change over time. Therefore, a parent who stops traveling for work can ask for a custody modification. The end goal should always be what makes the most sense for the child, as well as the child-parent relationship.

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