Child Custody

When dealing with your divorce, child custody can be one of the most, if not the most, contentious parts of the process. Although many people automatically think that the mother will get sole custody with the father receiving standard visitation, this is not always the case. The Court will consider the parties arrangements prior to the divorce, the best interest of the children and, sometimes, the wishes of the children.

Types of Child Custody in Alabama

There are a few custody arrangements. One party may have sole legal and physical custody of the minor child(ren) with the other exercising visitation rights. Parties can share joint legal and physical custody of the children. Also, one party may receive sole physical custody with the parties sharing joint legal custody. Physical custody is who the children stay with the majority of the time. Legal custody is who makes the decisions about the child, i.e., medical decisions, religious decisions, extracurricular decisions, school decisions, etc. Hodges Trial Lawyers can walk you through these terms and give you advice on what may work best for your situation or what a Judge may award in your divorce.

Our lawyers are trained to assist clients in seeking the best situation for their children. We are experienced in fighting for custody in divorces. We also assist those seeking a child custody modification.

Custody Modifications

Child custody can be modified after an initial custody determination. In general, the Court will assess whether the positive effect of a change in custody will outweigh the inherently disruptive effect caused by uprooting the child. An improvement in the non-custodial parent’s situation alone will not warrant a change in custody.

Custody modifications are also justified when the child’s welfare is jeopardized due to the custodian’s behavior and/or decisions which negatively impact the minor child. The child custody lawyers at our firm are skilled in petitioning for modifications as well as defending requests for modifications.

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