Winter Driving Safety Tips

January 30, 2020

Winter is a popular time to travel. While Alabama does not usually experience extreme winter weather, the season can be unpredictable and can cause treacherous conditions on the road. With many cars on the road, it is more important than ever for drivers to use caution. The following tips can help drivers stay safe on the road when winter weather hits.

Winter driving safety requires planning ahead. Before embarking on a trip, drivers should make sure their vehicles are in peak condition. It is vital to check the tire pressure and tread, make sure the batteries and brakes are working properly, and check wiper blades and fluid levels. Headlights should be clean, and if the vehicle has sensor cameras, those should be kept clean and clear. If possible, get a tune-up to make sure there are no surprise issues that may come up during a long trip. Gas tanks should be kept at least half full in case cars get stuck, and electric and hybrid drivers should plug their vehicles in whenever possible.

Safe Driving Behaviors

Look at the forecast before departing to your destination. If possible, avoid driving in snow or icy conditions; if it is necessary to travel during these times, leave plenty of time and drive slowly. Maintain a longer following distance in case of sudden stops and accelerate and decelerate slowly. Always follow traffic signals, paying close attention in case traffic patterns change due to the weather.  Drivers should always avoid distractions, such as using cell phones and eating and drinking.

If drivers must pull over due to snow or ice on the road, there are steps they can take to stay safe. Drivers should stay in their vehicle at all times and keep themselves warm. If they try to dig their car out, they should not overexert themselves. Keep cell phones charged in case you need to call for help. Try to avoid running the car for too long and keep the exhaust pipe clear to prevent carbon monoxide build-up.  Drivers should have emergency supplies in their car, including flashlights, blankets, snacks and water, jumper cables, a snow shovel, window scraper, and any necessary medications.

Taking the time to prepare properly can help avoid deadly auto accidents during the winter season. Winter weather can impact visibility and make surfaces slippery. Drivers who fail to engage in safe driving behaviors in winter weather can endanger themselves and others. Cold weather accidents can result in devastating injury or even death.

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