UM/UIM Coverage

February 8, 2016

We recently settled a case for a nice fellow that was knocked from the roadway by an unidentifiable vehicle. Our client was catastrophically injured and is truly lucky to be alive. Since we could not identify the vehicle (we call those “phantom” vehicles), we had no choice but to pursue his Uninsured/Underinsured or “UM/UIM” coverage. Uninsured coverage protects you when you are injured by another party and that party, like the phantom vehicle, has no insurance. Underinsured coverage protects you when the negligent driver does not have enough insurance. In this case, our client did not have nearly enough UM/UIM coverage to cover his damages. It is not uncommon to get in a motor vehicle accident and incur $100,000.00 in medical bills. If you are out of work for any length of time, your economic damages alone could be even more. We recommend that client’s carry a minimum of $200,000.00 in UM/UIM coverage or the maximum that your carrier will allow you to purchase. With so many vehicles uninsured in Alabama, it is some of the best money you can spend.