The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in a Personal Injury Case

February 19, 2024

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As you recover from a personal injury, you’re likely starting to think about pursuing a personal injury claim that can help you recoup your losses. It’s important to maintain thorough records during this time since you’ll need to go above and beyond to prove your claim.

Working with a Huntsville personal injury attorney is one way to ensure that you’re gathering the right evidence and doing your part to build a solid case. Find out how we can help—call Hodges Trial Lawyers at 256-826-4129.


The Burden of Proof

Why do you need as much evidence and documentation as you can gather? It all comes down to the burden of proof. It’s up to you or your attorney to prove the other party’s role in your injury. In a civil claim, you don’t have to prove their role beyond any reasonable doubt; you just have to prove that it’s more likely than not that they are liable for your losses. That’s still a pretty high standard to meet, and it’s crucial to be prepared.


Proving the Cause of Your Injuries

Thorough documentation can go a long way in proving that the other party directly caused your injuries. Keeping all medical documentation you receive is highly recommended. This includes appointment notes, test results, and any records from your doctor. Physician statements are also very useful in personal injury claims.

You can further support your medical documentation with photographs. Experts can look at injuries and provide insight as to how the injury likely occurred and what type of action led to the injury. This is important when a liable party tries to pin your injury on something else or claims that their actions had nothing to do with your injuries.

Proof of the accident that injured you is also important for creating a link between the two. Look into surveillance footage, eyewitness statements, and other firsthand sources of evidence.


Showcasing the Extent of Your Injuries

Insurance companies in the Huntsville area save a lot of money by denying that victims’ injuries are serious enough to warrant compensation. Your accurate and in-depth records can help you overcome their tactics. This is another area where your medical records are useful.

Insurance adjusters can claim that injuries are minor or unlikely to have a significant impact on your quality of life all they want, but it’s hard to ignore medical records. When your medical records outline your physical limitations, pain levels, unsuccessful treatments, and work limitations, it is much harder for the insurance company to downplay your injuries.

It’s also helpful to maintain records of your time away from work and time spent on light duty. If your injuries require you to lose out on income, you absolutely need to document that.

You may want to talk to your attorney about keeping a personal injury journal. It’s hard to remember the numerous ways your injury affects your daily life, but when you take notes every day, they become clear. You might write down your pain level, any household tasks you were unable to do, doctors’ appointments you attended, and communication you had with involved parties.


Highlighting Your Losses

Effective record-keeping essentially documents your losses in enough detail that the insurance company can no longer deny them. The financial losses of a personal injury are steep, so it’s important to keep track of every single dollar you spend on your injuries. Track mileage to and from appointments at Huntsville Hospital, over-the-counter medical supplies purchased, out-of-pocket payments you make to keep your employment benefits while away from work, and lost wages. If you have damaged property from the incident, get repair estimates and provide those to your attorney.

Not all losses are financial. Pain and suffering, emotional and mental trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life are all very real and very painful losses. Documenting your pain levels, your mental and emotional struggles, and other similar struggles can help your case.


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