The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

May 19, 2023

accident reconstruction

One of the benefits of working with a car accident lawyer after a collision is the range of expertise they can bring to your case. Of course, that extends to your lawyer’s knowledge and experience—but beyond that, it includes experts they can bring in to collaborate. Accident reconstruction specialists are useful resources for many types of car accidents, especially complex cases with conflicting stories.

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Figuring Out the Cause of the Accident

An accident reconstruction specialist can use their experience in evidence analysis and physics to determine the cause of your collision. Even the smallest pieces of evidence can be relevant in the hands of a reconstruction expert.

Your reconstruction specialist may look at skid marks on the road, debris thrown on the road, damage to both vehicles and damage to nearby structures to figure out exactly what happened to cause the crash. They can also use this evidence to determine what both vehicles were doing at the time of the crash and how fast they were moving.

Let’s use an example that is quite common in personal injury law. The other driver ran a red light and hit you while you were crossing an intersection at the green light. They claim that their light was green and that you ignored right-of-way laws.

The accident reconstruction specialist may pull records to see what the light was at the time of the crash, look at skid marks to see who took evasive action to avoid the crash and assess damage to see what speed both vehicles were going. Their analysis would find that your light was green, the other driver was speeding, and the other driver took no evasive action to avoid the crash, indicating that they were not paying attention at the time of the collision.

Complex Car Accident Assistance

Accident reconstruction specialists are especially helpful when you’re dealing with a complex car accident case that could have happened in several different ways. One common example is a multi-car pileup. It’s impossible for a layperson to know exactly what triggered the crash, but a reconstruction expert could analyze the evidence and create a clear timeline.

Looking at the Extent of the Damages

A skilled accident reconstruction specialist can also use the evidence to explain the extent of the damage. This can be very important if the insurance company is claiming that your injuries can’t possibly be as severe as you claim. The reconstruction expert can use the physics of the crash to explain how the collision would have impacted your body and what types of injuries you could expect to see as a result. This may help you actually get the compensation you deserve when the insurance company is refusing to negotiate in good faith.

Helping the Jury Understand the Case Better

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an accident reconstruction expert is the fact that they can take their enormous body of knowledge and explain it in a way that anyone can understand. This gives you a significant advantage in court, as laypeople are unlikely to understand the science of a car crash and the ways it can affect a victim’s body.

If you’ve suffered severe injuries and your case is more complex than most, trying to convince a jury of the other party’s liability may be an uphill battle. In this scenario, bringing in an accident reconstruction expert could help you prove your case to the jury and boost your chances of successfully winning your case. That’s why it’s important to work with an expert with substantial experience testifying in court.

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