Sun Glare and Car Accidents

January 15, 2020

Anyone who has driven toward the east in the morning or the west in the evening understands the impact of sun glare. Even if it only lasts a few moments, the intensity of the sun glinting off the windshield can temporarily leave a driver without adequate vision. Hundreds of reported cases of car accidents due to sun glare occur annually across the country, and many other crashes may be partially impacted by poor visibility due to strong sunlight.

Although sun glare often happens suddenly, a driver who hits another driver’s vehicle because of sun glare could still be held liable for medical bills, lost wages, and similar damages. The law assumes that the driver should plan for all predictable possibilities, including the high likelihood of sun glare. If you were hit by another driver who was affected by sun glare and did not practice safe driving, you may be able to obtain compensation.

Protection Against Sun Glare

Drivers may feel as if sun glare is a natural phenomenon they cannot control. Nevertheless, they have some options when it comes to protecting themselves against getting into a car accident due to sun glare. For instance, simply cleaning the windshield can reduce sun glare perceptibly. Dirty windshields provide more places for the sun’s rays to reflect and refract. By reducing those areas, drivers can give themselves a clear view of what is ahead.

Another way to combat sun glare is by adjusting driving times or finding alternate routes. Leaving five minutes earlier may seem like a minor sacrifice, but it can take away any chance of sun glare, depending on the time of day. However, as the seasons pass, the times of day for maximum sun glare will change. Polarized sunglasses can also help against sun glare visual disturbances. The polarized lenses reduce the effect of the glare. Additionally, those that wear prescription glasses can easily get polarized lenses made specifically for driving.

Actively using the car’s sun visor can significantly reduce sun glare. If all else fails, adding more driving distance between cars can provide an extra buffer in case hard braking becomes necessary to avoid a collision.

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