Sharing Custody of Children During the Holidays

November 21, 2019

Huntsville child custody lawyers discuss sharing custody of children during the holidays.

Holidays can be a source of immense joy, as well as great anxiety for any family. Managing the holidays as divorcees can be even more challenging.   Prioritizing children’s happiness and focusing on compromising will help ease anxieties and create memories. Children may be more sensitive during this time of year. Dealing with extended families and travel can be overwhelming. To ensure a pleasant holiday for the children, work with the co-parent ahead of time. 


Plan for which parent will have custody during specific holidays. Working out custody issues for the holidays before they start can be the best way to reign in conflict. Parents can alternate which holiday each parent has custody for the year. Others split the day between each parent so that one parent has the children during the day while the other may have them during the night. Parents can also switch between having the children before and after the holiday. For example, one parent can have custody on Christmas Eve while the other has the children on Christmas Day.

Get Permission

If a parent is planning a trip out of town, it is important to receive the co-parent’s permission and provide ample notice so that it is not a surprise to them. Also, notifying and getting permission will minimize the risk of the co-parent creating an issue regarding travel plans. By including the parent before the decisions and planning occur, one is showing courtesy and respect that can help alleviate feelings of conflict and jealousy, and lead to a better holiday experience for all involved.


Cooperating with each other is essential to creating a pleasant holiday for everyone. Even if plans have been made, it is important to be flexible and cooperate with the other parent in case plans change. Cooperating also helps children’s anxiety as they realize that though their parents have separated, they still care for each other. Children are affected negatively and strained emotionally when they sense animosity between their parents. The holiday season comes every year, so it is best to focus on the long term. Focusing on the best interests of the children will also help achieve a more positive outlook for the holidays.

Cultivate a Support System

Creating a support system for holidays where the children are with the co-parent will ease negative and hostile feelings. It is important to see the holidays without your children as opportunities to connect with extended family, delve deeper into hobbies, or explore some much-needed personal time. Having a support system or plan for how to spend the holiday without the children will prevent feelings of loss or loneliness and reduce hostilities with the co-parent.

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