Navigating Halloween After Divorce

October 28, 2019

Huntsville divorce lawyers discuss navigating Halloween after divorce.

Time stops for no one, including parents going through a divorce. Sooner or later, minor holidays, including Halloween, will land on the calendar. However, most divorce plans do not specifically mention trick-or-treat time or costumed parties. This means parents must plan for festivities and events and always keeping their child’s best interests in mind. What is the key to having a happy Halloween, even during a divorce? The answer is a high degree of preparation and readiness, so nothing slips through the cracks and the children receive positive, rewarding, and loving experiences.

Talk About Halloween Early

Parents going through a divorce should work with each other either directly or, in the case of contentious situations, through their divorce lawyers, ahead of any holiday. Waiting only heightens the chances of a misunderstanding about who is taking the children trick-or-treating. When mapping out Halloween, parents should look at their calendars to figure out all the logistics. For instance, which parent has physical custody of the child on Halloween? Who can take their child to the local community costume contest? How is the child getting safely from door to door? The sooner these questions are tackled, the better.

Present a Unified Front

Halloween should be a time for fun, not become a divorce battlefield. Many parents try to put aside their differences to help their children have a great time. Parents who can get along for a couple of hours may even want to consider trick or treating together, or both can attend a child’s classroom costume party. Even parents who are not on good terms can make transitions easier by simply being where they are expected to be and acting civilly. This helps children feel less stressed about the holiday and allows everyone to relax.

Hold On to Old Traditions or Make New Ones

Some families have specific Halloween traditions, such as one parent taking the children trick-or-treating while the other parent stays home to hand out candy. Certain traditions may not be feasible, but others could still work. Children get accustomed to familial patterns and depend on them for security. If a Halloween tradition can be kept, it should. However, new traditions can arise. Older children can be brought into the planning by allowing them to have a bit more say in what they want to do on and around Halloween.

Resist the Temptation to Give In

As a final rule of thumb, divorced parents should be careful not to become too indulgent. Sometimes, the guilt of an unpleasant divorce leads adults to give in to their children by allowing them to stay out too late on a school night or eat too many sweets at once. Parents need to remain as consistent with their former, expected parenting styles as they can. Pre-divorce rules should remain the same post-divorce.

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