How Can I Receive Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

March 16, 2020

If you are seriously injured in a car accident, you will likely need medical attention right away. Emergency care will be administered on the scene and you may even be taken to a hospital for further evaluation or treatment. Even if your injuries are not life-threatening or overly serious, you should still get checked out to be sure. Often, less dramatic injuries can cause unexpected pain and lasting damage.

One common concern that keeps car accident victims from seeking proper medical attention is that they have no medical insurance to cover the cost of doctor visits and treatment. Fortunately, despite a lack of traditional health insurance, there are alternatives for injured parties to pursue for medical treatment that they need after an accident. The following are options for uninsured accident victims to obtain medical treatment for their injuries:

Car Insurance

While car insurance often does not cover health-related expenses for policy holders, under certain circumstances, some do. In “no-fault” states, drivers can use their own car insurance for medical coverage. Unfortunately, this does not apply in “fault states” like Alabama. Certain car insurance policies have medical payment insurance coverage, known as Med-Pay, but that may only cover a portion of your medical bills.


The federal insurance provided through the state offers insurance to low-income citizens. If you are unemployed or you lose your job (and insurance) due to your accident, this government program can help you pay for your medical needs.

Letter of Protection

Most medical practitioners operate under a policy that requires payment upon rendering of services, which typically allows for insurance coverage. It is unlikely that a doctor or other medical specialist will treat you without proof that they will be paid for their services. However, law firms that represent personal injury cases have come up with a solution to accommodate their uninsured clients. Some law firms have relationships with medical providers that trust them to draft a “letter of protection” by which the client receives the care they need, while the bill is held off until the lawsuit comes through. The medical providers will treat the client, so that they can recover from their injuries, and hold the bill until a recovery is made. If you were injured and consult with a car accident attorney, be sure to ask how you can receive medical treatment if you do not have health insurance.

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After being injured in a car accident, your first concern should be to heal. Paying for your treatment should be something to be dealt with when you are well again. A Huntsville car accident attorney at Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. can help you  secure your vital medical treatment. Contact us online or call 256-539-3110 for a free consultation today. With offices in Huntsville and Athens, Alabama, we serve clients throughout North Alabama, Madison County, Limestone County, Marshall County, Jackson County, Morgan County, and Lauderdale County.