Lumber Liquidators Formaldehyde Level Lawsuit

May 6, 2015

Our firm is investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of consumers who purchased or own Chinese-made Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring. A recent 60 Minutes investigation tested several of the company’s laminate flooring products and found that nearly all of the samples contained exceedingly high levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that may cause a host of health problems, including respiratory issues and cancer, with high levels of exposure. While formaldehyde is frequently used in the flooring industry as a binding agent, there are exacting restrictions on how much of the chemical can be used. It has been reported that Lumber Liquidators’ laminate flooring exceeds these restrictions and that the Chinese factories supplying the flooring mislabeled the products as meeting stringent health standards.

 Our firm is currently working to determine whether Lumber Liquidators may be subject to lawsuits over injuries or property damage – or both – stemming from high levels of formaldehyde in the company’s flooring. If you have Chinese-made Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring in your home, get in touch with us. You may be able to participate in a lawsuit to recover compensation for the cost of your flooring and any injuries you or your loved ones suffered due to formaldehyde emissions.Lumber Liqidators