Limestone County Courthouse Renovations

December 20, 2016

Athens residents know well the parade of orange cones that have invaded the downtown square for many months. We have some good news; the end is near! The renovations of the courthouse are all but finished and the construction equipment will soon be gone. Renovations started in 2011 and has more than doubled cost predictions due to unforeseen structural complications. Residents, lawyers, and the staff of our Athens office will welcome the end of the traffic headache and the opportunity to use the new facilities. Currently, the courts are housed in the off-site judicial center a few miles away from the main courthouse. The citizens of Limestone County will be better served by the new increased capacity of the county’s judicial facilities. As the population continues to grow and the number of cases increase, the expanded court rooms will be a much-needed improvement. All types of cases will be litigated in the new court rooms such as criminal defense, domestic relations, and personal injury cases. If you are a resident of Limestone county or anywhere in the southeast and need an injury attorney, car wreck lawyer, criminal defense attorney, or family lawyer then give Hodges Trial Lawyers a call at 256-539-3110 or contact us online.