Hazards to Avoid During Summer Vacation

June 4, 2023

Hazards to Avoid During Summer Vacation

Summer vacation means saying goodbye to homework, bedtimes, and alarm clocks. Unfortunately, it also means a heightened risk of accidents and injuries. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to bundle up and stay home all summer long. Just knowing the hazards that you face can help you take the necessary steps to keep your family safe.

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Outdoor Hazards

The great outdoors is where summer memories are made. It’s also home to a huge variety of dangers and hazards. Whenever your schedule calls for a day outside, make sure you plan to limit the effects of the sun and heat. Anyone can become ill from excessive sun or heat exposure, but very young children are at greatest risk.

Use high-SPF sunscreen and ensure that you reapply every two hours. Reapply more frequently if you are sweating or in the pool. Stock up on cold water and make sure to drink before you feel thirsty. If you have a long day outside planned, you may also want to bring electrolyte drinks like Gatorade or Pedialyte.

Get familiar with the poisonous plants that are native to your area. While you’re unlikely to find anything that will put your life in danger, you’ll likely find plenty of plants that can make your summer a lot more uncomfortable. Be able to identify—and avoid—these plants in the wild. Additionally, plan ahead for bug bites. Bug spray and other deterrents can save you hours of misery and itchiness.

Travel Dangers

Car accidents are one of the biggest dangers you face in everyday life, and the same is true on summer vacation. In fact, you likely face an even greater chance of being involved in an accident during summer. The roads are clogged with travelers, many of whom are unfamiliar with the area. You, too, may not know the area you’re visiting.

These factors greatly increase your likelihood of a crash. Have a crash guide in your car so you can take pictures of the scene, connect with your insurance company right away, and report the accident to the police. Before you leave for the day, make sure everyone is buckled and sitting appropriately. If you have small children, ensure that they are in the right safety seats.

Illnesses are another possible issue, especially if you travel internationally where there are unfamiliar bugs and viruses. Know the health risks of any place you visit and take necessary precautions.

Water safety must be a top priority all year long, but it’s especially important in the summer. Backyard pools, water parks, community pools, and open water all pose a serious threat to even the best swimmers. Make sure children have the appropriate safety gear before stepping even one foot into the water, and if you are at all unsure of your children’s swimming skills, invest in swimming lessons. When you accompany your children on a swimming trip, keep your eyes on them at all times. You never want to leave their safety and lives in the hands of other people, even lifeguards.

If your children are participating in summer sports, know that they may be injured or suffer heatstroke. Keep a first aid kit in your car and be vigilant about their hydration.

Staying Safe on Summer Vacation

You can significantly limit your risk of being hurt during summer vacation by planning ahead a little. If you’re going somewhere new, familiarize yourself with their roads and the safety risks you face there. Ensure that you have water, a first aid kit, and other safety supplies in your car at all times. When planning for an outing, remember that it’s better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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