Fatal Dump Truck Accidents

February 26, 2020

Recently, a 26-year old Alabama man lost his life when a dump truck crashed into his pickup on Memorial Highway and Hobbs Island Road in Huntsville. The dump truck was owned by Reed Contracting Services, Inc. There was evidence indicating that the dump truck’s driver had turned left, but did not yield the right of way for oncoming traffic. It is believed that this driver was responsible for the accident. A Huntsville police officer said that the crash was under investigation and may be amended after all the evidence is gathered. He added that the dump truck driver gave a blood sample for alcohol and blood testing.

The Family Speaks Out

The young man’s family said that he did not work far from where the crash occurred, and expressed concerns about the dump trucks being driven in the Hobbs Island area. An uncle stated that their drivers speed through intersections, putting everyone’s lives in danger. The family also made a plea for drivers to slow down and think about others that share the roads. WHNT news attempted to contact Reed Contracting, but did not get a response.

Dangers of Dump Trucks

Dump truck crashes can be deadly as they often transport cargo weighing more than 50 tons. They are also harder to drive than other vehicles, and at higher speeds, it is easier for drivers to lose control. Since they are so large and heavy, other vehicles involved in crashes with them can be crushed or break apart. The passengers and drivers inside are at greater risk of being killed and sustaining significant injuries.

Dump trucks are taller than other trucks and cars, meaning that the other vehicles can slide under them during a crash. If the dump truck is hauling loose cargo, such as gravel or concrete, it could spill over onto the road. These trucks also have large blind spots and high centers of gravity, making them even more dangerous.

Dump Truck Accident Liability

The insurance provider that represented the dump truck company may send an investigation team to the crash site to begin protecting their interests. They may speak to the police and attempt to show that the dump truck driver was not at fault, since this is part of their job. In many cases, dump truck companies teach their drivers what to do and say when accidents occur. It is likely that some drivers are coached to never admit making a mistake and to keep quiet.

In cases where the drivers are employees, their companies may be held liable for that driver’s negligence. Companies can also be at fault for not conducting proper safety inspections, inadequate driver training, unrealistic driving schedules, and exceeding cargo weight limits.

Some dump truck drivers are hired as contract workers, which presents different scenarios. However, companies that hire them can be held responsible for some of the same reasons, as well as providing dump trucks that are below safety standards. It may also be possible to initiate a third-party claim if the truck manufacturer cut corners or used defective parts.

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