Eight Critical Things You Should Ask Your Huntsville Divorce Lawyer

August 12, 2013

How much of your practice is devoted to family law?  

 You do not want to hire a lawyer that commits very little of their work and study time to being a divorce lawyer. The law is constantly changing and adapting. You need a divorce lawyer that understands this and seeks to stay on top of changes in the law that might affect your case.

Are you familiar with the judges in my County?   

Having a lawyer that is familiar with the local judges in a particular county is very important. Many things in the trial of a divorce is within the judge’s discretion. Therefore, having a lawyer that knows the local practices and customs is very helpful. We most often appear before the Judges in Madison and Limestone Counties, so these are the counties in which we typically handle divorces.

Will you return my call?   

We return calls within one (1) business day and often schedule a call back if we are unavailable to you when you call.

What if I have an emergency?   

We define emergencies with clients and seeks to address those types of issues as soon as possible.

Do Divorce Lawyers charge for secretarial time?   


Will a Divorce Lawyer keep me informed?

 We keep clients updated every thirty (30) to sixty (60) days and more often if things are happening in their case.

How much is the cost of a divorce lawyer?  

This can vary from case to case, but your prospective lawyer should be able to tell you what to expect. If he or she cannot, this is a potential red flag. We meet with clients and determine what we anticipate the cost will be. We try our best not to exceed this and explain to clients why it might. Every case is different and requires individual attention and analysis.

8. Can you handle a military divorce?  

If your divorce involves a member of the military, your divorce is different. Make sure your prospective lawyer can explain to you why it is different and why he or she can handle that issue.

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