Dealing with Domestic Issues through the Holidays

November 18, 2018

           This time of year, it is common for our domestic relations lawyers to hear “I just want to get through the holidays for the kids, then I am filing for divorce.”  This is not always the best strategy.  When you are miserable and cannot get along with your spouse, your kids know it and they suffer just like you do.  Sometimes it is best to go ahead and get it behind you.  For those that choose to gut it out, here are some ways to alleviate the stress and strain.

                First and foremost, do not fight over particular days on the calendar.  If you have to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve or December 26 to keep the peace, do it.  Find time to volunteer at places like the Manna House.  Helping people that do not know where their next meal is coming from is rewarding and helps you to gain perspective.

                Do not feel guilty about the pending (or ongoing) divorce will impact the kids’ holiday traditions.  Change is part of life and not always positive.  Divorce is unpleasant, but you deserve happiness just as the kids do.  Use this time as a learning tool for co-parenting.  When marriages are working, parents do not often think about co-parenting.  When marriages fail, co-parenting is essential to those with children.  Looks for ways to de-stress.  Yoga, exercise, your favorite hobby, mani-pedis, or whatever works for you.  You want to prevent the stress of the holiday season from compounding the stress of a strained marriage.

Often times the Holidays tend to make domestic issues worse than normal.  At Hodges Trial Lawyers we can help you deal with domestic issues if these problems seem to become the norm.  Contact us if you need to discuss any legal issues regarding these issues.