Are TV lawyers charging unethical fees?

April 5, 2017

Hodges Trial Lawyers discuss whether TV lawyers are charging unethical fees

Before calling a “TV lawyer” make sure you research to answer the question “Are TV Lawyer fees ethical?”  The following is an excerpt from an actual TV personal injury lawyer’s fee agreement or contract.

Reduction of Medical Bills. Liens and Subrogation Amounts. The parties agree that upon Client’s consent, Attorneys will attempt to mitigate all medical bills and subrogation amounts due and owing. Any resultant savings will be divided between Client and Attorneys.

Translation: After TV lawyer settles your case (because we know he or she won’t go to trial), said TV lawyer’s staff will attempt to negotiate down your medical or subrogation expenses.  Per the agreement, the TV lawyer gets ½ of any savings.

The Alabama State Bar has now banned this practice because, essentially, TV lawyer was getting paid twice on the same dollars.  If your lawyer has to be regulated by the Alabama State Bar to keep from ripping you off, do you really think that lawyer has your best interest at heart?  If you prefer lawyers whose trial skills are superior to their jingle writing abilities, call Hodges Trial Lawyers today at 888-539-3110 or contact us online.