Verdict in Defective Constructive Case

February 9, 2017

Hodges Trial Lawyers is pleased to report that we received a Jury verdict in favor of a deserving client

Our firm received a Jury verdict in favor of a deserving client this week.  The case was tried before a Jury of twelve (12) Madison County residents and the Honorable Donna Pate.  Jeremiah reports that the Jury was very attentive in doing their critical civic duty.  He also reports that this was the first trial he has ever been involved in where the Court thanked the lawyers on both sides for being professional and courteous.  Our client was grateful that the Jury found in his favor and that this case finally has come to an end.  As it did in this case, litigation sometimes can drag on for several years.  It can be a tiresome process to be a Plaintiff, but it is encouraging when a Jury sees it your way.

The case involved a breach of contract and negligent construction claim filed on behalf of our client against his contractor.  We understand these issues and know the experts needed to handle these matters.  If Hodges Trial Lawyers can assist you with a breach of contract claim in Alabama or Tennessee, please call 888-539-3110 to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers or you can contact us online.