Thanksgiving Travel Safety

November 26, 2019

Huntsville car accident attorneys provide Thanksgiving travel safety.

The Thanksgiving holiday is the busiest time of the year for travel in the U.S. and most travel is done by motor vehicle, according to statistics compiled by the AAA. Over 40 million people will drive at least 50 miles to get to their holiday destination. In a recent University of Alabama study of 2017 traffic data, researchers determined that the three days before Thanksgiving were the worst for vehicle crashes. With that in mind, it is important to prepare for your trip and review safety tips before your travel day arrives.

Preparation Checklist

There are some vehicle maintenance issues that should be taken care of well before your departure day so that you have time to address any problems that may turn up unexpectedly.

  • Wiper blades: These should be clean and functioning. Replace them if necessary, since clear vision is essential for safe driving. Check and fill the wiper fluid level, if needed.
  • Oil and engine fluids: Check and/or change your oil before your trip. Top off transmission and other fluids.
  • Tires: Tire pressure is crucial for safe braking and good mileage.
  • Plan your route before you start driving: Even if you will be using a navigation system during your travels, check your route ahead of time so that you have an idea of the type of roads you will be traveling on. Many accidents happen when drivers are traveling in unfamiliar territory.
  • Check the weather forecast: On your travel day, check the weather conditions so that you will not be taken by surprise regarding inclement weather. Be sure to have an emergency kit and emergency supplies with you, including a first aid kit, batteries and chargers, blankets, extra food and water, and flares.
  • Secure your luggage: Make sure any luggage and pets traveling with you are secure to prevent them moving erratically throughout the vehicle.

In addition to using this checklist, leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, factoring in extra time for holiday traffic. Rushing to get somewhere can lead to car accidents caused by speeding and failing to maintain a safe distance between vehicles. If you encounter aggressive drivers, let them pass you. Make sure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt, and do not drive if you are drowsy, upset, or have indulged in too much alcohol. Arriving safely to your destination is the goal.

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