Ten more ways to prevent elder abuse from Administration on Aging

March 22, 2013

In addition to other suggestions from our other posts, the Administration on Aging offers 10 more ways to prevent elder abuse:

  1. Know the signs of elder abuse and neglect.

  2. Call and check on elderly relatives, neighbors and friends.

  3. Give a caregiver a break by filling in for a few hours.

  4. Ask an older acquaintance to share a talent with you or your children.

  5. Discuss elder abuse prevention with church leaders.

  6. Ask your bank to train employees on spotting elder financial exploitation.

  7. Suggest to doctors that they visit with older patients on elder abuse.

  8. Contact local adult protection services and learn how to support their work with at-risk elders.

  9. Volunteer to be a friendly visitor for a nursing home patient.

  10. Send a letter to your local paper, television or radio station asking them to support World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.