What are Some Common Summertime Personal Injuries?

May 17, 2021


Since the weather is finally changing for the better, it is a good time to remember some common summertime personal injuries that could unfortunately happen. People look forward to enjoying the nice weather and having fun outside, but everyone also wants to get home safe and sound. This year might be even busier outside with the pandemic travel and meeting restrictions being lifted in many areas. It is expected that the parks, trails, campgrounds, and waterways of Alabama will be crowded with people finally being able to enjoy the sun. The following are some things to remember when enjoying the nice weather and to keep individuals and families safe.


With the coming of warm weather, people open their pools or spend time at the beach or lake or rivers. But every year there are thousands of drowning accidents in which people lose their lives from not being safe in and around water. Children are especially at risk of drowning or being seriously injured in or around water. Often, people will suffer from spinal cord injuries and paralysis from diving into water that is too shallow. These incidents are not relegated to only natural waterways such as lakes and rivers. Backyard pools can be extremely dangerous as well if caution and safety are not constantly used. The best practice is to teach children to swim at an early age. Also, they should be taught respect for the water, particularly oceans and rivers where currents and riptides can cause swimmers to drown. Also, as always, when alcohol becomes involved, the chances of an accidental drowning or water-related injury significantly increase.

Car Wrecks

Car and truck wrecks can happen any time of the year. Just because the weather is nice and it is summertime does not make being on the roads and highways of Alabama more dangerous. The risk of being injured in a car accident because of another driver’s negligent behavior is always present. However, when traffic increases, the risk of being in a car or truck wreck increases. Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest roadway travel weekends every year. Another summer holiday, Labor Day, is also considered a heavy traffic day. On these heavy traffic days, drivers need to be extra vigilant in driving, drive the speed limit, pay attention, and do not be distracted by a smartphone. Also, with a lot of people getting together for backyard barbeques and parties, no one should get behind the wheel of a car or truck if they have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Obviously, with warmer weather, people will be out and about more often. There will be more people taking walks, runs, or bike rides. Drivers have to keep more of a lookout for pedestrians. It is quite easy to miss seeing someone crossing a road, especially if they are not crossing at an appropriate spot. Pedestrians are also at particular risk depending on the time of the day. During early morning walks or walks at dusk, it is much harder to see people walking, especially if their clothing is not particularly bright or reflective.

Boating Accidents

Warmer weather means more people are going to be out on the lakes or ocean in boats. For many Alabamans, no summer weekend is complete without breaking out the boat and getting on the lake or river, whether it be for fishing, waterskiing, or just relaxing on the water. But just like automobiles, boats can be dangerous machines if not used properly and safely. There are rules for driving a boat depending on the waterway and type of boat. Following these rules and practicing simple safety guidelines will allow everyone to have a fun, safe time on the water. Boaters need to pay attention to their surroundings and not go too fast. Also, driving a boat while drinking alcohol or under the influence of a drug is illegal, just like in a car, and can cause unnecessary accidents and serious injuries, including fatal accidents.

Hiking Accidents

Every year, people are injured on the hiking trails in Alabama. Given the nicer weather, the trails are used much more during summertime. Accidents and injuries can happen because of the terrain or hikers taking unnecessary risks while hiking in rocky and mountainous areas. Also, every year hikers get lost and need to be rescued. Being exposed to the elements overnight because a hiker became lost is very dangerous and can be fatal.

Holding Negligent People Responsible

If someone’s negligence has caused a summertime personal injury, that person or persons can be held responsible. There are many instances in which people are seriously injured in a summertime activity because of someone else being careless and reckless. Here are some examples:

  • A negligent driver causing a serious car or truck wreck from driving too fast, being distracted by their smartphones, or not following the rules of the road.
  • Someone operating a boat negligently as a result of them being impaired by alcohol and under the influence, going too fast and not paying attention to what is happening in their surroundings, thus causing a boating accident.
  • Public park administrators and employees not warning hikers and park users of dangerous conditions at the park or eliminating those dangerous conditions.
  • Camping spots can have hazards unless they are well maintained and with proper safety equipment and security.
  • Pools that are used by the public should have lifeguards, proper fencing, and secure gates to protect little children from falling into the pool.

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