Jeremiah invited to be “Guest Reader”

March 12, 2016

Jeremiah Volunteers to Read for 1st Graders

Jeremiah was thrilled to have the chance to serve as a “Guest Reader” for Ms. Lowery’s class at Mountain Gap Elementary.  We love the opportunity to read silly books to first graders while wearing silly hats!

In addition to getting to read to these little ones, we learned about an exciting goal the class is working towards.  The class is raising money for Heifer International to provide livestock for underprivileged people in foreign countries.  Learn more about Heifer International at  The class is excited to try and raise enough money for a cow or at least a llama.  It was wonderful to see these children so very enthusiastic about helping people they will never meet.   Our firm made a donation to their noble cause.  It was met with roaring applause (and some giggling as well).  If you would like to help these great kids, please let us know.