Hodges settles wrongful death case in Morgan County for policy limits

July 8, 2013

Our firm represented a widow that lost her husband as a result of a negligent driver.  The driver ran a stop light causing a multi-car pileup and significant injuries to our client.  Unfortunately, our client was unable to overcome the significant injuries he suffered and passed away as a result of this bad decision made by the negligent driver.  Jeremiah was able to force all insurance companies involved to tender their policy limits or, stated differently, to pay all of the available insurance proceeds.

It is worth noting that driving is one of the most dangerous things that we all do each day and must be treated that way.  This particular wreck changed two families lives forever.  Our client missed her late husband every day and always will.  The negligent driver must carry the burden of killing another human being.  Please be careful when driving and remember to refrain from texting while driving.