Firm kicks off Annual Toys for Tots Drive

December 8, 2016

Hodges Trial Lawyers Kicks off Annual Toys for Tots Drive

Our firm started gathering Toys for Tots in 2012.  It happened almost by chance, when Jeremiah saw a news report that the Toys for Tots was not going to be able to meet the hundreds of families.  Thanks to social media, our clients, and other local lawyers, we were able to raise nearly $3,000.00 in donations and toys in a very short period of time.  Each year, we have worked to reach a higher goal.  We are proud of this work but eager to make this year make last year look small by comparison.  Our firm loves to give back to the community we represent.

Please consider bringing us a new, unwrapped toy that your own child would love.  We will pick up any toy worth $50.00 or more.  No time to shop? Send the elves in the picture!  Help us make children smile on Christmas morning.