What are Common Hidden Car Accident Injuries?

February 11, 2021

Some car wreck injuries are physically visible, but others are hidden and unrecognizable. Sometimes, an injured person has a hard time identifying the injury. When car accident injuries are difficult to detect, getting proper treatment can become a problem. Another concern with hidden or delayed injuries is that linking them back to the accident that caused them can be difficult.

A traumatic car accident can cause the human body to run on adrenaline, which can cause an injured person to focus on other concerns besides their own injuries. Hidden injuries include many types of physical and psychological injuries. Below are the most common hidden car accident injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not always obvious. Sometimes, the person experiencing a brain injury is unable to tell how bad their condition is. Loss of mental aptitude, forgetfulness, and anger issues are some TBI symptoms that are not immediately apparent. Doctors who evaluate and monitor a patient after a serious head injury may notice subtle changes that reveal larger issues that must be quickly addressed.

Psychological Injuries

Surviving a traumatic event such as a car accident can cause a person to suffer a psychological injury. Being involved in a serious car accident can devastate the survivor and their emotional well-being.

A victim of a severely distressing car accident can develop psychological scars or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The effects of PTSD can cause the victim to avoid triggering events, like driving or even being a passenger in a car. Someone who suffers these emotional scars may become unable to live a normal life.

Strain Injuries

Delayed recognition of physical harm can occur as a result of the injury taking time to develop. Often, strain on muscles, ligaments, or tendons appear long after the injured victim leaves the accident scene.

One of the most common injuries with a latency period is whiplash. The jolt of a crash can throw a person’s head and neck violently back and forth. This can pull muscles and soft tissues in the neck, shoulders, and back. These areas respond to the lurching and jerking by becoming enflamed. The reaction is not immediate, but forceful trauma to essential areas of the body can cause serious and lasting damage.

Will Your Whiplash Cause Long-Term Problems? While whiplash can be painful and inconvenient, it often resolves by itself with rest and time. However, high levels of neck pain and stiffness are likely to be affected a year after the accident, as are those who have limited neck mobility, nausea, and blurry vision.

Herniated Discs

Another serious injury that often results belatedly from the force of an auto collision is a herniated disc. This painful injury involves the displacement or rupture of the tissues between the vertebrae of the spine. A herniated disc can cause excruciating pain, as well as loss of feeling and the loss of function in the arms and legs.

Knee and Shoulder Injuries

The tremendous force involved in a car accident can cause undetected injuries in other areas of the body too. The shoulders and knees are two areas that are often damaged from a car accident. These injuries may show up over time.

Should I Always Get Medical Care After a Collision?

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident should seek medical attention to rule out injuries that may not be easily recognizable. They should always monitor their physical condition and report it to their doctor. It is important to look for symptoms in the days and weeks after a collision.

The importance of checking in with the doctor is more than just to keep them abreast of any developments. Updating the doctor about any concerns with immerging pain or discomfort can provide a convenient record of symptoms that may become more serious. This official recordkeeping is important when the issue of liability comes into question, specifically regarding a claim against the at-fault party.

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer?

Accident victims should not be too quick to accept a settlement offer after their car crash. While it might be nice to receive the settlement right away to address some of the immediate financial fallout of the accident, it is best to speak to a lawyer first. An experienced lawyer will be able to determine if the settlement offer is the right amount of awards for their client.

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If you were involved in a car accident, you may be due compensation for any damages you have suffered. It is important to always get medical attention after an accident because injuries may appear later. If you need help with your case, a Huntsville car accident lawyer at Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. can assist. Contact us online or call us at 256-539-3110 for a free consultation. Located in Huntsville and Athens, Alabama, we serve clients throughout North Alabama, Madison County, Limestone County, Marshall County, Jackson County, Morgan County, and Lauderdale County.