Car Accidents in Work Zones: Prevention and Liability

April 15, 2024

Car Accidents

Work zone car accidents are a massive societal danger, putting construction workers at risk of death or catastrophic injury when they report to work. Beyond the massive amount of property damage these collisions cause, they can leave families broken and grieving. Despite nationwide efforts to decrease work zone accidents, the numbers are trending the wrong way. As drivers, it’s crucial that we understand how these accidents happen, who’s liable, and what we can do to prevent them.

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Common Work Zone Hazards

There are a number of factors that make work zone accidents more likely. These same factors also contribute to the increased severity of work zone collisions. Relevant factors include:


  • Smaller shoulders and fewer lanes: People get used to filling the amount of space they are allotted on the road. When that space randomly shrinks, leaving drivers with fewer lane options and minimal buffer room on the shoulder, drivers are more prone to errors that can cause accidents. Fewer lanes can also lead to backed-up traffic, further ramping up the likelihood of a crash.
  • Changes in traffic patterns: Traffic patterns can be problematic for people who go into mental autopilot when they drive. Lanes that lead to different exits or merge with other highways can leave people panicking and unsure of where to go. Drivers have even been seen crossing multiple lanes of traffic at once to try to get back on track, despite the fact that doing so puts them in lots of danger.
  • Uneven road surfaces: Some work zones are there to even out uneven spots in the road. This often involves digging up preexisting concrete and laying down a new fresh coat. The resulting unevenness can throw drivers off and cause them to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Construction equipment: The presence of construction equipment may also make accidents more likely. Drivers may struggle to see the other vehicles around them, be overly focused on the movements of construction equipment, and overreact when a construction vehicle begins moving.


Potential Liable Parties

A number of parties may be liable for a construction zone accident in Huntsville, AL. Road authorities may be to blame if they fail to set up work zones appropriately by using insufficient signage, allowing unsafe road conditions to persist, or not utilizing traffic control measures. Construction companies may also be liable if they fail to utilize proper safety equipment, set up work zones in a way that puts workers in unnecessary danger, or fail to mark construction zones in an appropriate manner.

However, in most cases, drivers are the liable party. Drivers are responsible for what they do behind the wheel, and too many of them drive while distracted, tired, or impaired. Most accidents could have been prevented with a little more planning and forethought.


Ways to Prevent Work Zone Accidents

What can we do to prevent work zone accidents in Huntsville and across the country? In terms of legislation, many states have laws ramping up the fines and penalties for causing a crash in a work zone. This may help drivers slow down to avoid a costly ticket. Societally, we must also hold drivers accountable. That means expecting people to plan appropriately when planning a route, put safety first even when it’s inconvenient, and avoid distractions while driving.

Many public health and safety professionals have emphasized the need for education and awareness campaigns. Putting a face on work zone accidents can help drivers think twice when they want to speed though a construction zone to save a few minutes.


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