Why is our firm different?

  1.  All lawyers that handle car wrecks and personal injury lawsuits offer free consultations, will come to you if you can’t come to them, and only charge a fee if they collect.  All Alabama personal injury lawyers have to be licensed by the State Bar.
  2.  So how do you choose a personal injury lawyer? We believe in customer service. We structure our fees differently and in your favor because we believe it’s the right thing to do.
  3. We know that every personal injury claim is different. We want to get to know you so we can evaluate your case and not apply some formula like the insurance company wants to do.
  4. We know how to investigate and develop car wreck and personal injury cases for trial. We are not afraid to go to trial and the insurance companies know that. Sometimes we work as defense lawyers, which gives us a unique perspective for your case.  Our experience in personal injury cases on both sides helps us see all the issues in your case.
  5. We aren’t advertisers. We get clients the old fashioned way by word of mouth. If you are looking for a car wreck lawyer or personal injury lawyer, you need someone you can trust. You need someone that will treat you like a person and not a file number

We are here and glad to assist. Please call Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. at 888-539-3110 if you need help.