Truck Accidents

As a Huntsville truck accident lawyer, Jeremiah Hodges handled an 18 wheeler case which caused a national trucking company to institute new safety policies to protect against drivers falling asleep at the wheel. This lawsuit involved the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and emphasized what is known as the Hours of Service rules. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations control and regulate the interstate trucking industry.

Hodges Trial Lawyers got the trucking company to admit that the Hours of Service rules originally were passed to force railroads to allow train crews to get some sleep. They also convinced the trucking company to admit that the Hours of Service rules later were applied to trucking companies which have taken over so much of the interstate delivery of goods which formerly was handled by railroads. In an industry which potentially affects the safety of everyone who uses the roads and highways of America, Hodges Trial Lawyers believed it was imperative that trucking companies cease the practice of establishing “runs” for their drivers which can only be successfully met if the drivers violate the Hours of Service rules by driving too long and sleeping too little.

During discovery, they were able to determine that the safety director of the trucking outfit had recognized the danger of sleep-deprived drivers and had complained to upper management that “runs” were too long for the allotted time to complete them, such that drivers were being forced to violate the Hours of Service rules. However, the evidence established that upper management ignored the pleas of the safety director to make the company safer. They also attacked the practice of allowing drivers to have cruise control on 18 wheelers, which obviously meant that trucks would continue to travel at high rates of speed even after drivers fell asleep at the wheel.

The lawsuit settled just prior to the trial date. During settlement negotiations, the trucking company produced its new and improved safety regulations which would help make sure its drivers were able to get the required amount of sleep by complying with the Hours of Service rules while also being able to complete their “runs” during the time allotted.

Hodges Trial Lawyers are proud of their work helping victims and their families who have been injured or killed because of the negligence and bad conduct of greedy trucking companies. Unfortunately, the executives in charge of these trucking companies sometimes put profits over safety. If that has happened to you or someone you know, Hodges Trial Lawyers are here to help.

Hodges Trial Lawyers welcome the opportunity to represent and help clients and their families who have had to undergo the tragedy of losing a loved one or the pain involved in personal injury. Hodges Trial Lawyers will work hard to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, compensated for lost time at work, and reimbursed for losses stemming from property damage.

Eighteen (18) wheeler collisions often happen because drivers have been forced to drive for too long in violation of federal law, are intoxicated, or just are not qualified to be driving such massive and potentially deadly machines. When such collisions happen the consequences are usually devastating and catastrophic to the victims. We have handled such cases around the country and look forward to discussing your case with you.

Eighteen (18) wheeler collisions can also be caused by a defective product or defective design, including defective tires, brakes, and gas tanks. Personal injuries due to truck collisions are often tragic, severe, and life-altering.

You or someone you care about may have suffered burns, damage to your neck or back, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken or dislocated bones or limbs, lost the use of a limb or even lost their loved one.

The legal team of Hodges Trial Lawyers understands that, in addition to recovery from such a traumatic event, you are concerned about:

  • Making sure your medical bills are paid
  • Being compensated for lost wages
  • Being compensated for your injuries as the law allows

The attorneys at Hodges Trial Lawyers will review the details of your case and discuss with you your options going forward. In addition, we stay in close contact with insurance companies, hospitals, and lawyers representing others who are related to the case to ensure that issues of concern to you are handled with your interests at heart.

Huntsville Truck Accident Lawyers Pursue Justice and Compensation for Injured Accident Victims

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