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The Backside of a Personal Injury Case

July 14, 2017

There are many things that distinguish our firm from others that say they handle personal injury cases.  One of the biggest is making every effort to maximize a client’s recovery.  Every personal injury lawyer wants to increase the overall recovery which increases the attorney’s fee.  Our firm works hard to recovery as much money as possible, but also to reduce the subrogation claims and medical liens.  We call it the “back side” of the case.  The picture you see here is a letter our office drafted to explain to the health insurance carrier in question why some of the treatment that the carrier claimed is not actually related.  This is tedious and time consuming work that some firms simply will not do.  This effort does not make our firm any money, but it helps increase the “take home” amount for the client.  Before you hire a billboard or TV lawyer, make sure you ask about how that firm handles the “back side” of your personal injury or car accident claim. For more information, call our Huntsville personal injury attorneys at Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. today at 888-539-3110 or contact us online.