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Firm files federal lawsuit against department store

Our firm’s client was caused to be injured by the negligent conduct of a poorly trained employee.  The employee negligently allowed harsh chemicals to make contact with the firm’s client’s eye causing permanent impairment, damage, and discomfort.  Unfortunately, the department store’s insurance carrier refused to be reasonable and provide our firm’s client with money for the medical care she has already received and will need in the future.  We gave the insurance carrier and the department store the opportunity to exercise personal responsibility and do the right thing. Both declined. Our firm will seek full compensation for our client’s injuries and damages.


What are the physical and mental demands of the claimant’s former job?

What are the physical and mental demands of the claimant’s former job as generally required by employers throughout the national economy?

This issue arises when a claimant is unable to do any past job as the claimant performed it, but a past job involved functional demands and duties significantly in excess of those generally required for the job by other employers. The claimant will be found not disabled if he or she retains the capacity to perform the job as ordinarily required by employers in the national economy. See SSR 82-61.


Cost and Safety are Challenges to Child Care

Finding affordable and safe day care has become a major challenge for working parents. Recent studies show that child care now exceeds the annual median rent in almost half of all states, straining already tight budgets to the breaking point. But money means nothing if little Johnny or Judy doesn’t come home safely at day’s end. Serious inconsistencies in licensing, enforcement and training have created dangerous situations where thousands of kids are injured each year – some fatally – while in the care of others.