McFalls Wins a Tough Social Security Disability Case

June 26, 2015

Hodges Trial Lawyers was successful in helping another client get approved for Social Security Disability benefits.  This case had been denied after the original application had been filed.  Attorney Tim McFalls filed an appeal in this matter and requested a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  Mr. McFalls convinced the Administrative Law Judge that the original determination was incorrect and that his client was unable to perform any job in the national economy and therefore qualified for Social Security Disability benefits.  In order to convince the judge that his client was disabled Mr. McFalls acquired relevant medical evidence, obtained a statement from the client’s treating physician and wrote a pre-trial brief that explained the medical conditions that his client was undergoing.  These efforts were successful in helping the judge understand the severity of his client’s condition which led to the judge issuing a Fully Favorable Decision in the case.

 Studies have shown that having a lawyer in a Social Security case greatly increases your chances of getting approved.  Lawyers have expertise in reviewing medical records, obtaining medical evidence to prove your case, building a strong record for your claim, preparing briefs in support of your case, and arguing your case at the Administrative Hearing.  Our firm has personally helped numerous clients get approved for Social Security benefits.  If you think you are in need of Social Security benefits, call our office and schedule a free consultation today.