How Will Social Media Affect My Workers’ Compensation Case?

November 12, 2013

Workers compensation insurance carriers often hire private investigators to determine whether you’re as injured as bad as you say you are.  With social media sites like Facebook, defense attorneys often don’t even need private investigators to try and turn a jury against you.  Here’s some ways you can ruin your comp case through facebook, twitter or other social media platforms.

Showing yourself dancing at the club or bar when you claim you’re suffering debilitating pain.

You may just be posing for a picture, but the appearance is all that matters.

Talking about how much money you plan to get from the case and how you plan to spend it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting compensation for your injuries, but juries can often get a bad taste in their mouths when they hear about you wanting money.

“Checking in” at a gym when you claim you’re unable to perform basic errands due to your injury.

You may just be there to pick up a friend, but why explain that when you can just not check in?

Befriending an insurance adjuster or defense attorney

This allows them access to more of your information on Facebook to try and dig up information they believe a jury may not like

Posting pictures of you without your brace or cast on

You may just allowing your injury to “get some air” but it gives the appearance that you don’t follow doctor’s orders or you’re not really hurt.

Posting a video of you walking without your crutches.

The doctor may tell you that it’s ok to put some weight on your leg (example: ACL reconstruction), but again, it makes the jury think you don’t listen to your doctor or are worse, not injured.

Posting a status update or a picture of you doing something illegal such as smoking illegal drugs or racing a car.

Does racing a car affect whether you got hurt lifting boxes at work? No. But it suggests that a jury cannot trust you because you don’t obey the law.

These are just some basic examples of how an insurance company will use against you in your case.  So be mindful of social media and how it can negatively affect your case. If you need any help with your workers’ compensation case, make sure you contact a lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation and will get you the compensation you deserve.