How to help your Social Security case: Going to the Doctor

May 7, 2014

Social Security Disability cases regularly take an extremely long time to be set for a hearing. One of the ways that a person seeking disability benefits can help themselves is by seeing their doctor on a regular consistent basis.  This is often difficult for clients because they do not have health insurance or have limited funds that make it costly for them to go to the doctor.  However, Administrative Law Judges are often extremely skeptical of claimants who complain of debilitating pain yet do not seek consistent medical treatment for this pain.  Judges often ask questions such as “If the pain is so bad, why didn’t you see a doctor?”  Similarly, judges will often hold it against the claimant when they see in the record where doctors recommend that the patient return in a month for a follow-up and the patient does not return for additional treatment.  So one of the easiest ways to help your case is to get consistent medical treatment.  This not only helps your credibility with the judge, but it also builds a written record of your condition and how it has progressed over time.  More than that, it allows you to get the treatment you need to at least keep you comfortable while you’re fighting your ailments.