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How Will a Divorce Impact My Children?

March 9, 2020

If you are considering a divorce and you have children, there is no doubt that you are worried about how going through a divorce will impact your children. Any parent facing this life-changing scenario would be asking themselves this question. Research has drawn many correlations between children of divorce and the likelihood of negative outcomes.

Unfortunately, statistics seem to support the conclusion that children of divorce are more likely to experience poverty, poor academic performance, and even criminal records. While the statistics may prove some link that poor outcomes are more common among broken families, many children whose parents divorce do not suffer such undesirable fates. The reasons behind the correlations are nuanced and complex.

Poverty: The same resources that were used to support one home must now support two.

Stressed family life: While it is likely that the home situation was less than harmonious prior to the divorce, the stress of the changes may take a new toll. As children are split between two households, one parent is tasked with taking up a majority of the child-rearing duties, while the other parent may be struggling with finding time to devote to the children. Absentee parenting can also be an issue if one parent decides that being with their children is no longer worth the effort.

Emotional impacts: Children who watch their parents’ marriage fall apart often experience a sense of confusion. When they do not understand what is happening, trying to make sense of things can lead children to blame themselves. The changes in the family dynamic may make the child feel abandoned by one parent, disregarded by the other, or resentful that they did not have a choice in the matter.

The best advice for parents who worry how divorce will affect their children is to admit that the situation will impact them, but there are ways to mitigate the damage. The truth is, if you are miserable at home, there is good chance the children are affected by the negative energy. You should take solace on the fact that it is quite common for children to flourish when removed from the hostile environment that often exists when spouses fight and argue.

Children can be sensitive and affected by negative energy, but they can also be resilient and responsive to positive support. If you are alert to your children’s concerns, they will be in a better position to process the divorce in a healthy way.

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