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What Causes The Divorce Rate To Increase in January?

January 9, 2020

In the United States, the divorce rate hovers around 50 percent for first marriages and is higher for second and third marriages. For a variety of reasons, January sees the most divorce filings of the year, giving it the ominous title of “Divorce Month.” Knowing more about why couples call it quits at the start of the new year may help you better understand your own relationship struggles and goals. While couples take legal action to end a union at the beginning of the year, the marriage has likely been declining for quite a while.

Stress Took Over

With shopping, wrapping, baking, and hosting, the holidays can be an incredibly chaotic time of year. For couples already teetering on the brink of breaking up, the added stress pushed them over the edge. Instead of tackling tasks as a team, they turned on each other, making their problems even more obvious.  

Hoping for a Merry Ending

Some couples hoped the joy of the holidays would rekindle lost or fading love and approached the holidays optimistic that they could bring the family back together. Unfortunately, this was not enough to resolve deeper issues and couples found themselves unfulfilled and looked to divorce in the new year.

One Final Family Holiday

Couples who knew divorce was inevitable but wanted to give their children one last family holiday made the bittersweet decision to divorce in January. This gave their children a chance to enjoy the season without the sadness or stress of divorce.

New Year, New Start

January is a symbolic time for rebirth and renewal. A dysfunctional marriage can hold couples back from a fresh start. Many see the beginning of a new year as a perfect time to let go of unhappy ties and embark on a new life as a single person. More practical couples choose to divorce in January for financial reasons. Couples who stay together for even one day into the new year can still benefit from the tax advantages that come with filing as a married couple.

It is always unfortunate when a marriage ends. However, with expert legal guidance, the divorce process can go smoothly. If you are considering divorce in the new year, contact a trusted divorce lawyer to advocate for you and your children every step of the way.

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