Marital Property Distribution

Marital property can include property obtained during the marriage, as well as retirement and other benefits, regardless of whose name it is in. During a divorce, the marital property must be divided between the parties. Alabama is an “equitable distribution” state. This does not mean “equal” or “half”, but rather what the court considers fair. Generally, the courts accept a fair division that has been agreed upon by the parties, however if an agreement cannot be reached, the court will divide the marital property.

The attorneys in our office have the experience to advise and assist you regarding the division of your property.

Marital Property Settlements

Property settlements involve the property that a couple obtained either before or during marriage. There are two types of property; marital, which is acquired during the marriage, and separate, which is acquired either before the marriage or through inheritance.

Alabama law requires the division of the marital property to be equitable, meaning that it must be fair. That means that a judge may divide property in any matter that they deem fair, regardless of which spouse actually owns the property. Hodges Trial Lawyers can assess your case and advise you regarding your property settlement.

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A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19

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