Protection from Abuse

A Petition for a Protection from Abuse is a civil remedy for certain individuals who have been harmed or feel they are in danger of being harmed by another individual.  Alabama law limits these actions to a select group of relationships.  In order to obtain a Protection from Abuse, you must assert one of the following: the individual is your spouse, former spouse, common-law spouse, intimate partner within the last six months, current or former household member, or child’s mother/father.  Additionally, the Court requires some form of violent act including, but not limited to, injuring, kidnapping, stalking, or restraining you or your child or an overt threat to do the same.  Depending on the severity of the action in your complaint, the Judge may enter an Order limiting the other person immediately or may hold a hearing to allow the other party to respond.  The attorneys at Hodges Trial Lawyers have filed and defended such accusations and can assess your particular situation.