Father’s Rights

It is old-fashioned to believe that the mother is the only parent that can care for, love, and raise a child.  Our lawyers, two of them fathers themselves, understand that this outdated notion has no place in today’s courtroom.  Our lawyers understand that, sometimes, the father is the more appropriate primary custodial parent.

Alabama law requires that Judge’s consider split custody, but to be sure that the Judge understands your situation and why you should be allowed to play a strong role in your child’s life, you need lawyers that understand why a father’s rights are just as important as a mother’s rights.  Our lawyers routinely represent fathers, as well as mothers, and understand that some fathers want their children with them more than every other weekend.  If you are this kind of father, we would glad to help you stand up for your rights to raise your child.  We will not let you be bullied into accepting less than what is fair for your particular family situation.  You want your kids, we want to help.