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Bruce Willis Considers Taking Bite out of Apple

September 6, 2012

If you are like millions of Americans, you probably skip the license agreement whenever iTunes updates. You may be shocked to discover that it specifically prohibits you from giving your downloads to someone else.  You can’t even give them to your kids in you will when you die.  Essentially, your entire music library is on loan from Apple.  This may all change soon, if Bruce Willis goes forward with the lawsuit he is considering against Apple.  The star of the Die Hard franchise and The Expendables II has reportedly spent thousands of dollars on downloads and feels he should be allowed to pass those materials on to his children when he dies.  Clearly his daughters could buy the music without breaking bank, so it’d be about the principle of the thing.  Hopefully he will go forward with his lawsuit, so millions of iTunes users can wake up one day to have the rights that they thought they had all along.