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Dangers of texting and driving

Dangers of Text and Driving

A recent study found that almost 90% of teenagers admit to texting and driving even though they know it is dangerous. Texting draws the driver’s focus away from the road and puts them and other drivers in danger. When a driver is texting, he or she is less likely to be aware of surroundings, whether on the highway or in a neighborhood.

 In Alabama, it is strictly prohibited to use a cell phone to send a text message, email, or other written form of communication while behind the wheel of a moving car. To make a phone call, a driver must be using a hands-free device. The law excludes “reading, selecting or entering a telephone number or name in a cell or wireless telephone or communication device for the purpose of making a telephone call.” If you have any confusion about what is permitted and what is not, it is better to wait until you reach your destination.

If you are caught texting and driving, you will be charged $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second, and $75 for the third. You will also receive 2 points on your driver’s license for the offense.

Hodges settles 18-wheeler case in Madison County

Jeremiah settled a Madison County 18 wheeler lawsuit that was just about to go to trial.  The client was relieved to end the litigation and avoid having to participate in the trial in front of one of our Madison County Circuit Judges.  The settlement will allow our client to cover his medical expenses and compensate him for his damages.  The trucking company was stubborn and refuses to admit its driver was at fault, but finally paid enough money to get the case settled.  It is unfortunate that a lawsuit was necessary to see our client compensated, but when necessary our lawyers are very familiar with the courthouse.